Waking up in pain: Explained

Good morning! Well, maybe not so good……that depends on how your body is feeling! You may have Noticed recently that in the morning you’re feeling like you just time warped 20 years and your back or neck just does not like waking up with you. Pain in the neck and lower back in the morning is a common experience to have for a period of time, and there are some explanations as to why, and fortunately ways to help fix it! Morning pain can be attributed to various factors, and understanding these potential causes can help address the issue. 


One common reason is related to the body’s overnight recovery process. During sleep, the muscles and ligaments in the back relax and may become stiff, especially if you maintain a certain position for an extended period. The lack of movement can lead to a temporary reduction in blood flow and oxygen supply to the muscles, contributing to stiffness and discomfort upon waking. To help alleviate this problem, a key factor to prevention is finding a consistent movement program during the day that can help make these structures more resilient. 


Another factor contributing to morning back pain may be the choice of sleeping posture or mattress. An unsupportive mattress or improper sleeping position can lead to misalignment of the spine, putting strain on the back muscles. Over time, this strain can result in discomfort and pain, particularly upon waking. It’s essential to ensure that your mattress provides adequate support and promotes a neutral spine alignment during sleep. For more advice, the chiropractors at our office can help you navigate strategies that work best for you. 


Additionally, underlying medical conditions such as arthritis, herniated discs, or spinal stenosis can cause morning back pain. Inflammatory conditions may worsen during periods of inactivity, leading to increased stiffness and discomfort in the morning. 

If your morning pain persists or worsens, having an evaluation by a chiropractor can aid in solving it! Often, a key factor in helping out our night time or morning problems is creating change in the things we do in our hours that we are proactive and awake. Changing our daily routine can often lead to better success in better quality rest, and thereby reducing morning pain.  The providers in our office can help in providing therapy to stressed areas of the spine and muscles, provide targeted home exercise, and to provide insight in creating a better sleep strategy. 


Call or make an appointment to begin getting your mornings back!

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